Tyre Pattern - K3000

Performance and Application
K3000 developed for the intermediate car, its a sporty and comfortable high-performance tyre with strong grip and handling to offer a precise driving experience, lower noise and rolling resistance, provide a comfortable life with car.

Increasing the tyre groundling area, optimizing the section profile and tyre structure, provide more powerful grip.

The design of the silencer bloc can seperate teh loud waves enclosed in the pattern groove into small sound waves, effectively reduce the noise, and make it more queit and comfortable.

Multi pitch pattern design combined with optimized pitch arrangement, reduce noise effectively and improve driving quality.

Silica compound of tread formula enables the tyre to have better wetland braking performance and lower rolling resistance, which is more safe and energy saving.

Asymmetrical pattern, lateral stiffener design, effectively inhibits the tyre deformation from vehicles turning and braking, excellent dry handling and braking performance.
Available Tire Size
Tire SizeLISSPLYType
195/45R1684 XLVTL
195/50R1688 XLVTL
195/55R1691 XLVTL
205/40ZR1784 XLWTL
205/45ZR1687 XLWTL
205/45ZR1788 XLWTL
205/50ZR1793 XLYTL
205/55ZR1694 XLWTL
215/45ZR1791 XLWTL
215/50ZR1795 XLWTL
215/55ZR1697 XLWTL
215/55ZR1798 XLWTL
225/40ZR1892 XLWTL
225/45ZR1794 XLWTL
225/45ZR1895 XLWTL
225/50ZR1798 XLWTL
225/55ZR17101 XLWTL
235/40ZR1895 XLWTL
235/45ZR1797 XLWTL
235/45ZR1898 XLWTL
245/45ZR18100 XLWTL
265/35ZR1897 XLYTL
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