Tyre Pattern - HD927

Performance and Application
UHP Asymmetric pattern tyre series 3D asymmetric pattern design takes superior grip performance and shorter braking distances.

Outside strong blocks design enables the tyre to follow the road surface contours more closely, helps to reduce blocks deformation while speed cornering, and enhances steering precision & better grip.

Inside wide rib grooves ensures effective water dispersion. Sequential blocks design improves tread rib hardness, enhances braking performance.

Wide rib grooves effectively removes water, provides shorter braking distances and safer handling on wet roads.

Racing compound technology provides superior grip performance on wet road surfaces.
Available Tire Size
Tire SizeLISSPLYType
205/45ZR1687 XLWTL
205/50ZR1793 XLWTL
215/40ZR1787 XLWTL
215/40ZR1889 XLWTL
215/45ZR1791 XLWTL
215/45ZR1893 XLWTL
215/50ZR1795 XLWTL
215/55R1899 XLVTL
225/35ZR1988 XLWTL
225/35ZR2093 XLWTL
225/40ZR1892 XLWTL
225/40ZR1993 XLWTL
225/45ZR1794 XLWTL
225/45ZR1895 XLWTL
225/50R1696 XLVTL
225/50R1899 XLVTL
225/50ZR1798 XLWTL
225/55R18102 XLVTL
235/30ZR2088 XLWTL
235/35ZR1991 XLWTL
235/40ZR1895 XLWTL
235/45ZR1797 XLWTL
235/50R17100 XLVTL
235/50R19103 XLVTL
235/50ZR18101 XLWTL
235/55R17103 XLVTL
235/55R18104 XLVTL
235/55R19105 XLVTL
245/30ZR2090 XLWTL
245/35ZR1993 XLWTL
245/35ZR2095 XLWTL
245/40ZR1897 XLWTL
245/40ZR1998 XLWTL
245/40ZR2099 XLWTL
245/45ZR1799 XLWTL
245/45ZR18100 XLWTL
245/50R19105 XLVTL
255/30ZR2699 XLWTL
255/35ZR1894 XLWTL
255/35ZR2097 XLYTL
255/35ZR20102 XLYTL
255/50R18106 XLVTL
255/55R18109 XLVTL
255/55R19111 XLVTL
265/30ZR1993 XLWTL
265/35ZR1897 XLWTL
265/35ZR22102 XLWTL
265/40ZR21105 XLWTL
265/50ZR20111 XLWTL
275/25ZR2698 XLWTL
275/40ZR22107 XLWTL
285/35ZR22106 XLWTL
285/45R22114 XLVTL
295/30R24105 XLVTL
295/35ZR21107 XLWTL
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