205/55R16 EA719 94 XLV TL

Category:Car, SUV/4x4, Van, light truck tyre
Load Index (LI):94 XL
Speed Index (SI):V
PLY Rating (PR):

EA719 is engineered with a directional tread pattern and all-season compound to deliver optimal handling, extended tyre lifespan, precise cornering and superior grip across diverse weather conditions.

Optimum Grip: The directional tread pattern is designed to handle wet and icy conditions. Its ability to efficiently evacuate water enables excellent traction and improved steering response.

All Season Driving: EA719 is designed to offer year-round driving comfort and convenience. The new tread compound design is suitable for all-season climates, ensuring travel safety regardless of the weather outside.

Economic Driving: Improved driving safety and longer tread life are achieved through the inclusion of central longitudinal ribs and strengthened shoulders.

The latest tread compound offers greater wear resistance, resulting in extended mileage.

Excellent Braking: The tread tip pattern enhance traction and reduces braking distance for driving in all seasons, including snowy and icy conditions.
The 3PMSF marking ensures adherence to local regulations for optimal usage in both summer and winter seasons.


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