205/55R16 EH228 94 XLW TL

Category:Car, SUV/4x4, Van, light truck tyre
Load Index (LI):94 XL
Speed Index (SI):W
PLY Rating (PR):

The EH228 is an economical HP tyre with a pattern design focusing on wet grip and rolling resistance performance. it offers superior cost-effectiveness and excellent overall performance.

Reinforced structure: The inner pattern is reinforced by ribs to strengthen the rubber, providing a better grip on the road and allowing for better control when cornering or swerving.

Asymemetric pattern design: The unique asymmetric pattern design increases tyre rigidity and creates improved stability for steering and handling.

EH228 provides a reliable grip on slippery surfaces and can handle different wet conditions with ease. It guarantees a secure grip on wet surfaces, providing zou with total confidence and worry-free performance.

Drainage: The high-density groove design efficiently cuts through the water film, combined with the contour design of CATR technology, effectively drains water.

Silica-Rich formula: This product is a unique high-wet slip performance formula that is specifically engineered for maximum wet performance.

EH228 is designed for drivers who need a balance of comfort and economy. It offers a smooth ride, excellent cornering stability, and a longer tread life for added value.

Longer tread life: The edge chamfering design of the pattern block can effectively wrap the road surface and reduce irregular wear to extend wear life.

Driving comfort: Optimized pitch arrangement and pattern design effectively reduce noise and improve driving comfort.

Fuel efficient: Optimized product design, with high-performance rubber formula, smaller rolling resistance, extraordinary energy-saving physical examination and outstanding cost performance.


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