205/55R16 HD607 91V

Category:Car, SUV/4x4, Van, light truck tyre
Load Index (LI):91
Speed Index (SI):V
PLY Rating (PR):

Three spacious main water dispersal grooves and clipper-built directional grooves is extremely sportive, meanwhile promotes water dispersal ability and guarantees an excellent drive and braking ability on the wet and dry roads;
The proportion of rigidity from shoulder to tread design for accuracy of handling and driving on dry and wet roads;
The strong patterns on the shoulder with bigger rigidity prevent unequal abrasion;
The design of wrapped cap ply with nylon brings you excellent safety and comfort;
Design with optimized configuration on belt and bead tension make the sidewall tension ideal, maximizes the comfort ability;
Fuzzy arrangement of pattern block with no specified peaks reaches the block design of variable sound frequency which make it calmer;
Motive pattern design presents the feel of fashion;
Special font design presents you the attraction about art.


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