215/65R16C EA720 109/107T TL

Category:Car, SUV/4x4, Van, light truck tyre
Load Index (LI):109/107
Speed Index (SI):T
PLY Rating (PR):

The DynaMaster EA720VAN is a high-quality tyre designed for light trucks and vans, providing long-lasting performance in all weather conditions throughout the year. Its durability and reliability make it ideal for commercial use, ensuring smooth and safe driving for extended periods.

All Season Driving

EVERGREEN all-season tires provide superb performance all year round. All-season tires score highly on issues such as noise level and drivingcomfort.

Lower Rolling Resistance: EA720 features an innovative construction that includes a coupling element that helps reduce friction heat, ultimately improving the overall performance and longevity of the tire.

Extended Mileage:The improved carcass structure and optimized pressure distribution provide extended mileage, ultimately reducing ownership costs.

Safe Driving: Improved tread pattern with silica compound increases driving safety in dry and wet conditions.

Excellent Handling: The EA720 boasts impressive handling and braking capabilities on dry roads, making it a reliable option for drivers looking for year-round performance.

Excellent Breaking

Wave-shaped sipes improve handling on dry road conditions, reducing the braking distance. Multiple sipes technology provides outstanding braking and traction performance on ice and snow.

Optimized Tread Design: The unique tread design features central zig-zag grooves that improve stability on wet roads and prevent slipping or skidding.

Advanced Sipping Technology: Improved performance in both dry and wet conditions, achieved through the advanced sipping technology. The sipes provide grip and stability for the tread, resulting in a safer and more reliable driving experience.


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