225/55R18 EA721 102 XLH TL

Category:Car, SUV/4x4, Van, light truck tyre
Load Index (LI):102 XL
Speed Index (SI):H
PLY Rating (PR):

The EA721 is designed to perform in every climate condition, with excellent wet and dry braking performance. Developed using advanced materials and production methods to enhance handling and grip while providing excellent treadwear.

Optimum Grip In All Driving Situations
Through the scientific design of the lateral pattern, we can make the tyre’s drainage performance and grip performance reach a higher level. Taking the safety of dry and wet road conditions into account.

Drainage grooves: The wide and V-shaped grooves improve water drainage. The notches distributed around the grooves can pierce the water film and improve the grip performance.

The EA721 is designed to improve your safety in your vehicle, it features safety in all weather conditions, so you no longer need to worry about the seasonal tyre change.
3PMSF marking guarantees perfect summer and winter usability in compliance with local regulations.
Special tread design with central zig-zag grooves improves safety, including in wet conditions.
The advance 3D-slipe technology provides excellent performance on snow surfaces.

All-Season Handling
Handling is crucial when it comes to safety, vehicle stability, and driving pleasure. Tyres play an important role in vehicle handling.
High-Density Carcass: High-density rayon and polyester carcass provide extra support and provide better driving performance on dry roads.

Tie-Bar: Well-designed tie-bar increases block stiffness, resulting in improved handling performance.


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