275/40R20 P607 106 XLY TL

Category:Car, SUV/4x4, Van, light truck tyre
Load Index (LI):106 XL
Speed Index (SI):Y
PLY Rating (PR):

Excellent water evacuation to break the water film and improve wet
performance. Good high speed stability and good braking performance.

Central rib with embossing silent wall design to reduce harmonic noise.

Silica reduces the friction between the rubber molecular to decrease energy loss and hence reduce rolling resistance.

The special design with sips at the shoulder block effectively reduces the shoulder heat generation and resonance during tire rolling.

4 wide longitudinal grooves to enhance water evacuation on wet roads prevent side slips and improve traction by well designed angle.

2 anti‐uneven‐wear strips at the shoulder in order to stabilize tire profile and ensure sufficient shoulder support and stability at high speed cornering.


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