275/55R20 ES83 117T TL

Category:Car, SUV/4x4, Van, light truck tyre
Load Index (LI):117
Speed Index (SI):T
PLY Rating (PR):

A high-performance tyre for premium sport utility vehicles.

This pattern meets all conditions required for premium SUV with excellent wet performance, low noise, rolling resistance and excellent mileage.

Ultra Wet Traction: unique pattern design, wide main grooves and masses of small grooves provide ultra traction and excellent draining on wet pavements.

Wet and Dry handling: Open shoulder design improves stability and traction when taking sharp turns on wet and dry roads.

Quiet Driving: upgraded pattern design, wider grooves, and center rib ensure good performance on paved and unpaved roads, provide quiet driving in the fields.

Ultra Wear-resistant Compound: specialized ultra-wearable carbon black particles improves wet skid resistance and wear resistance, increases the tyre life and mileage.


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