900/60R32 TRACPRO668 181A8 TL

Category:Agricultural tyre
Load Index (LI):181
Speed Index (SI):A8
PLY Rating (PR):

Radial agri-tires suitable for high-powered tractors, harvesting and combined machines, carrying very high loads at low pressure.

Large selection of sizes ensuring the perfect fit for your equipment on road and fields, or even difficult and uneven terrain.

The extensive footprint area allowing even ground pressure distribution and minimizing soil compaction, then making TRACPRO668 also suitable for soil preparation, planting and soil treatments.

Comparing with the bias, the flexible strong carcass and the wide deep lugs producing minimal rolling resistance, more traction, low vibration, higher driving comfort and longer life service.

Maximum resistance to impact and puncturing ensured by the high quality materials used.


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