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Good wet performanc
Good handling abilit
Good driving stability

Excellent high Speed performance and Steering performance

Using special ultra-wear resistant tread rubber design, enhance tire wear resistance, enjoys longer mileage, and closely study tire shoulder tread design greatly enhanced steering precision, smooth steering in high speed, Perfect start and brake as racing experience during driving. Good design ensure that rim will not be damaged by the gravel and the edges of the road. Safe and reliable in high Speed.

tread pattern features:

Excellent high speed performance
Excellent steering performance
Good driving stability

High Performace Car Tires KT626 Pattern

KT626 is a very popular pattern for 14 15 and 16-inch tyres. It is a high performance tyres with super good handling ability, effective drainage performance, and better wear resistance. Especially for the comfortability, it is very good.

Besides, it can save energy consumption, good wetland performance and offers low noise. In this way, it can offer longer service life.

tread pattern features:

Good handling ability
Effective drainage performance
Better wear resistance

High Quality SUV tyres KT616 Pattern

KT616 is a popular pattern for big size and almost all the sizes are 15 16 17 18 and 20 inch and it is a suv pattern with better heat release, effective drainge performance . Besides, it can offer good driving stability and comfortability .

Especially , it is very suitable for 4 x 4 tyres and all terrain suv tires so customers like it a lot.

tread pattern features:

Better heat release
Effective drainage performance
Good driving stability

Good Handling Ability and Effective Drainage Performance

Four tread longitudinal tread grooves designed, greatly enhance tire drainage and cornering precision, excellent handling and cornering stability on slippery roads, feel very comfortable driving pleasure in a quite environment. In this case enjoys very good handling ability. Easy to pass by and drive as usual in a wetland. tread water-proof non slip design, improve tread flexibility, and increase the ground area to ensure a strong grip.

tread pattern features:

Good handling ability
Effective drainage performance
Good driving stability

X-Wide Tread: Studies have pointed out that a wide tread canprove a better wear resistance performance, and NeoTerra mixes the wearresistance tread formula into the wide tread design;

Water Discharging Design: Three wide straight grooves rapidly displacewater, providing improve d wet-grip and reduced aquaplaning, drives can push the limits of vehicle performance even in wet road conditions;

Biting Ground Design: Optimized tread blocks keep part of the tread cap biting the ground at all time, it makes NeoTerra hold the road in tightcurves and is very agile during sudden movements.

Suitable for the trailer axle of the trucks running on highway.

Low fuel consumption.

Suitable for the trailer of trucks running on the high grade road.

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