Tyre Pattern - HF330

Performance and Application
RunFlat HF330 as a veritable ultra-high performance tyre has the excellent handling, optimization on tread and structure improves the comfort, with the technology of RunFlat to ensure driving safety and enviromental.

Multi-pitch pattern design combined with the silencer bloc, reduce noise effectively and improve driving quality.

Optimize the structure, increasing the contact patch, improves driving stability and handling.

Silica compound provides excellent traction on dry/wet road condition, reducing rolling resistance and more energy conservation and environmental protection.

The application of RunFlat technology, safe driving of the vehicle even when the tyre is completely deflated.
Available Tire Size
Tire SizeLISSPLYType
225/45ZRF1895 XLWTL
235/45ZRF1999 XLYTL
235/50ZRF19103 XLWTL
235/55ZRF19105 XLWTL
245/40ZRF1998 XLYTL
245/45ZRF19102 XLYTL
245/50ZRF18104 XLWTL
255/45ZRF18103 XLWTL
255/45ZRF19104 XLWTL
255/50ZRF19107 XLWTL
255/55ZRF18109 XLWTL
275/35ZRF19100 XLYTL
275/40ZRF19105 XLWTL
275/40ZRF20106 XLWTL
315/35ZRF20110 XLYTL
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